Green Decalogue

From the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si´

Do environmental problems really exist? Are they so important? Are they related to poverty and inequality? What does all of this have to do with us, with our lifestyles, with our faith?

In his Encyclical letter Laudato Si' Pope Francis, answers these issues with an invitation to reflect and participate in an authentic human ecology (LS 5) because "there are not two separate crises, one environmental and one social, but a single and complex socio-environmental crisis"(LS 139). He insists that the big challenge is in responding to the economic, social and environmental crisis that currently threatens the planet and humanity; the poor being its main victims. He calls on us to "Hear the clamour of the earth as much as the cry of the poor"(LS 49).

From "Connect yourself for Justice" we want to add a two-year-long campaign to this shared mission, through with we intend to raise awareness and encourage commitment. The Care of Creation implies a distinct development model; just, solidary, sustainable, with a global citizenry ready get involved and change its consumption habits and its lifestyle centred on having material goods. The Christian communities need to "live the vocation of being protectors of the work of God " because it is not "something optional nor secondary to the Christian experience" but a requirement of our faith and the proclamation of the Gospel (LS 217).

As part of the Campaign a decalogue inspired by the Encyclical letter will be used*, which summarizes the challenges we face. Every two months we will address one of 10 principles through reflection, prayer, testimonies from impoverished persons, personal commitments and proposals for action. The Campaign's materials are available at:

* 1 Izuzquiza, D. SJ. "Decálogo verde para el siglo XXI" in Razón y Fé, volume 272 (p.195-205) # 1404, October 2015.

The ten principles are:

We encourage you to share the itinerary proposed in the Decalogue and to participate in the great task. Our faith and our commitment to people impoverished move us to it because "concern for nature, justice with the poor, commitment to society and inner peace" are inseparable (LS 10) and because " we are called to be instruments of God our Father, so that our planet might be what he desired when he created it and correspond with his plan for peace, beauty and fullness" (LS 53).