Laudato Si' Goal #3

We must reflect about our priorities and consider if we are living above our possibilities, consuming more goods than necessary. This lifestyle, based on consumption, have triggered a global crisis and put in manifest the disequilibrium between specific places of our planet, as well as the economic and environmental unsustainability of our model of consumption.

That is why we need to work and defend the just distribution of goods and protect all kinds of life in our planet.

We must get deeper in a ecologic dimension of our economy and model of consumption. Moving toward more sustainable models of production, such us the circular economy, the fair commerce, or to get deeper is a more ethical consumption of the resources.

Change your habits

Fair commerce

Add a new fair-trade product to your shopping basket every season: chocolate, sugar, coffee, cosmetics... Enjoy and participate in the transformation of global economic relations.

Ethical banking

Get to know ethical banking. There are more and more options to access ethical financial services, to give your money the value it has.

Actions and reflections for LSG3