Laudato Si' Goal #7

Imagine a mosquito hovers in front of a rhinoceros. Do we think rhinoceros can change its route? Probably not. But if there are 1,000 mosquitoes, the rhinoceros would go to another place.
Felix Finkbeiner, 9 years old

Although decisions regarding what happens in the territory largely take place in administrative bodies above the decision-making power of the municipality and often even transcend national borders, the reality is that decision-making capacity at the local level remains relatively large for many of the key sectors, such as adaptation or mitigation related to climate change.

This realisation of the power that still resides in the local sphere and of its great importance in facing up to the global environmental crisis is one of the main factors of success in the involvement of citizens and the awareness of local authorities to take concrete measures.

Change your habits

Read our document on Food, choose one of the community options to improve your consumption and start putting it into practice: consumption groups, urban gardens, cooperative supermarkets...

Help us support a Due Diligence Act for Spain. This law will force companies to prevent the risk of water pollution and to respect human and labour rights in the countries where production is relocated. It would also contribute to a Binding Treaty within the framework of the United Nations for the respect of Human Rights by transnational companies.

Actions and reflections for the LSG 7